About Us

Rava Boutique is a Los Angeles based indie label, with all styles designed in Los Angeles, CA. With several international offices, Rava Boutique—which was founded in 2019 by Sarah Rafeh—is involved in every single step of the manufacturing process: From design, to production, to packaging, Rava controls the whole operation. This allows the label to stay ahead of the trends, and it means that each individual item at Rava is given the care it deserves—quality is top priority. It also means that Rava Boutique has a constantly evolving inventory, with new, unique styles introduced every month. Nothing is mass produced. Once an item sells out, it’s onto the next!

The origins of Rava involve ambition and enchantment. Founder and owner Sarah Rafeh moved to Los Angeles at the young age of 10, and was immediately enraptured by Los Angeles night life: The fancy restaurants, the bars, the events. Most striking was the way the women out-and-about town seemed to dress for themselves. They had attitude! They carried themselves with poise and clearly loved the way they looked. They felt sexy, the vibe was very much “All Eyes On Me.” When Sarah had to think up a name for her line, she thought back to these groups of women, she pictured a circle of them—confident, smart, and glamorous. She also remembered that, coincidently, rava is the Latin translation of "ravashing" and "astonishing." It was fate, and Rava Boutique: All Eyes On Me was born!

When asked to define her brand, Sarah likes to say “We are definitively fashion forward. We’re here to make a statement.” This is proven in both the number and diversity of influencers who’ve been seen wearing Rava, such as Isabel Bedoya, Karen IluvSarahii, MakeUpbyNad, reality show stars, pageant contestants, as well as wildly popular bloggers all throughout the social media sphere. It’s also evidenced in the feedback Rava Boutique gets daily, from shoppers who say that their item makes them feel like one of a kind. That’s the goal.